For any queries & concerns, you can write an

Registration and eligibility

To check eligibility under section knowledge Base > Eligibility enter any one of the following - Component Id, Customer ID or registered mobile number

You are advised to wait for next 48 hours from the time of AMC activation.
To change your number, please contact Eureka Forbes helpline. Git can only be redeemed if you enter the number and OTP so received on the number shared with us in the database.
Yes, You can redeem by logging on to while on the website check for eligibility by entering your mobile number or customer ID under the knowledge base section - ELIGIBILITY. Ideally, you should redeem after at least two working days from the date of your payment receipt has been confirmed against Your AMC.
After the activation is done, it takes time to load the data internally and send it across for redemption. Hence for various internal processes which might take time, you are advised to wait for the provided TAT.
Regret, no such upgrades or adjustments can be entertained. You can redeem gift only from the eligible gift list as per your subscription.
This is a redemption based offer wherein gift trends often fluctuate as per spike in redemptions. Sometimes the gifts go out of stock. In such a scenario if you were promised a gift that is no longer available for redemption, please write an e-mail to . Our team will assist you to get the promised gift though it may take a little longer then.

Post redemption

Ideally gift are delivered within 15 days of redemption. Sometimes it takes longer then the promised TAT because of non availability of gift redeemed. We assure that you will get the gift once you have redeemed

The address you have submitted is incomplete or incorrect as per our dispatch team .You are requested to share your complete address by writing to us on . when you share your address please ensure that you have shared address in complete sense with House number or business name, Lane or ward number , A prominent landmark and correct pincode along with city and state. In case if you have a village address please give us a city address of your friend or family for convenient and speedy delivery of gifts. While you write the e-mail please share your registered mobile number, Customer ID and CISPL issued claim number.

Gift dispatches happen within 7 days o redempion in most situations. In case if we are facng stock shortage or supply delays the delivery TAT increases.The TAT given in SMS is maximum time it will take for us to dispatch the gift.
The docket number is issued once the courier gets dispatched from our warehouse. The courier site gets updated after firstscan in their system . The gap between both actions can be as large as 48 hours in case of holidays or sundays. Please track shipment after atleast 2 days of receipt of message
Gift change is permitted only before the gift dispatch has not been initiated. Please write to and share complete details - Registered mobile number, Customer ID, CISPL issued claim number, and gift name you wish to change to.
DO NOT PAY ANY AMOUNT TO COURIER COMPANY. In case if you are asked to do so please decline such offer and escalate the same on
To track where your gift is please check our STATUS section here in this weblink. To check status please enter your registered mobile number followed by OTP. The weblink will show yur current status.

Post Gift Receipt

    DONT WORRY if the gift received is damaged just follow the steps as mentioned below :
    STEP1 : While taking delivery of parcel from courier delivery guy if you find the parcel damaged mention it on the delivery confirmation that you are asked to sign.
    STEP 2 : In case if you have not mentioned the damage on courier delivery confirmation ensure that you highlight your concern within 48 hours of receipt of courier to
    STEP 3: Please share damage gift photos along with your registered mobile number, Customer ID or CISPL reference number.

    Your appreciation suggestions and complaints help us to improve our system please share your feedbackon